Integration and supply of ground, airborne advanced equipment, solutions and exclusive combat training


Innovative integrated system-based solutions

The activity of SAAREM is to provide innovative integrated system-based solutions that incorporate the latest technology available to the client in a timely and cost-effective manner.

SAAREM will enable the customer to optimally and efficiently employ its assets in a joint capacity, by developing, teaching and training them in the latest tactics, techniques and procedures which will prepare them for modern Special Air and Combat warfare.

Who we are

Created by highly experienced directors: 
  • Highly experienced in equipment sourcing, weaponry, air support, ground support, consulting for the development of operational concepts ;
  • Highly experienced Gen 4 and Gen 4+ Fighter Pilots ;
  • Highly experienced drone manager, drone and systems operator and instructor for SOF ;
  • JTAC and JTAC-I (Instructor).

We UNDERSTAND the NEED of well-equipped armed forces to acquire an expertise in the current leading Tactics Technics Procedures for joint combined warfare. 

What we do

SAAREM team of wartime experienced specialist can provide a battlefields analysis in studying key factors and provide recommendations in terms of concept of operations and so forth required equipements. This will help client to optimize assets already in use and acquire the precise system required to achieve the political effect on the ground. We can help to optimize governement budgets. 



Modernization and militarization for ISR intelligence missions, border control, combat and neutralization for airborne and ground forces.

We can support our clients in upgrading and optimizing equipement subsystems to achieve ISR, C-ISR or attack mission. We will provide the best system solution to meet commanders intents.

Integration of ISR systems

Optronic cameras, radars, IMSI catchers:

  • Sensors and integration: Electro-Optical sensor GMTI, IMSI, ELINT, SIGINT devices ;
  • Target designator: fully capable gimbals to engage targets ;
  • Smart weapons system integration and employment: 
    • Airborne: Laser guided rockets, laser guided bombs, doppler ; sensors fuze, weaponized drones
    • Land: remote controlled turret or sub systems.

Designation systems

Cameras with laser designator:

We developed relationship with the most efficient EO sensors suppliers in order to offer the best sensors/weapons solutions.

Fire control and weapons systems

  • Aviation: laser guided rocket basket, precision ammunition carriers, laser guidance kit, doppler effect kit
  • Land: Remote Controlled Weapon Station


Provisioning of airborne, terrestrial and maritime vehicles as well as supply of combat gear.

Airborne platforms

Transport and combat helicopters, transport aircraft, cargo aircraft, training aircraft, combat aircraft

L39 C and ZA/ZO modernisation kit

Includes western powerplant, upgrade full glass cockpit and weapons suit

Simulator training solutions

Affordable and tailored full VR training solution

Terrestrial platforms

Troop transport vehicles (light armored vehicles, APC armored personal carrier, MRAP mine resistant ambush protected

Maritime platforms

Semi-rigid and fast intervention shuttles


Ammunition and weaponry


We bridge the gap between modern weapons systems and its efficient employment in special air and joint operations due to the lack of proper and up to date techniques, procedures and training.

Our training solution help to implement newly acquired equipment within the armed forces operational and tactical level. Providing knowledge to the chain of command to the operators will guarantee the benefits that upgrades are brining. We will make sure that the political effect is systematically achieved in establishing a tailored concept of operations based on OODA principles. The operator will be fully qualified in operating the new weapons suit. 



SAAREM has developed a complete training program for partners interested in acquiring maximum efficiency in Close Air Support operations, either in COIN or symmetrical warfare.

● JTAC training including weaponering and targeting course 
● FAC training including weaponering and targeting course
● FAC(A) training: syllabus creation and training oversight (in flight oversight –backseat- available)
● FO training + laser operator qualification

Our instructors are Fast Jet and Helo Pilots who are also JTACs, we GIVE the “guy in the ground perspective” to the guy in the jet, and the “guy in the jet perspective” to the guy on the ground. 

Real life experience in joint & combined environments.

CAS training – Tactical Level: F16/F1 type 

SAAREM team members are wartime highly experienced professionals. We can assist your frontline squadrons in training with the most realistic scenario-based on our lessons learned.

● Perform CAS training for fighter squadrons to expose these units to wartime lessons learned
● Introduce DaCAS to flying and air forces or army units.
● Brief/Debrief pilots in order to improve or implement new TTPs

Our instructors will assist our partner's frontline squadrons in reviewing and establishing highly efficient tactics techniques and procedures (TTPs) adapted to THEIR weapon systems. 
● CAS operational and tactical planning
● CAS related weaponeering and targeting courses, as system management  
● CAS assets coordination (understanding, merging and optimizing capabilities)
● Help to review and establish efficient Non-Kinetic and Kinetic data cards

CAS understanding – Operational Level 

SAAREM offers the options to review and advise our partners on integrating the newly acquired capabilities within the chain of command, thus at a more “operational level”.

● Briefing provided to command and control echelons
● Briefing on joint operations
● Briefing on air support true efficiency
● Briefing on keys of success in CAS operations

NOTE: For these briefings to be effective, the partner must either previously have undergone or at least have the intention to undergo our JTAC/FAC training courses. 

SOF - Drone training

SAAREM can help the customer integrating tactical drone capabilities in:

● Company level tactical drone operation
● SOF team drone operation
● Establish training facilities and training course
● Establish national publications and handbooks
● Train law enforcement units to fly and employ drones (police, prison officials, etc.) 

MALE Drone training: MQ9 or TB2 type

Our Instructors will assist partner frontline squadrons in reviewing and establishing highly efficient tactics techniques and procedures (TTPs) adapted to THEIR weapon systems. Also we offer the option to review and advise our partners on integrating the newly acquired capabilities within the chain of command, thus at a more “operational level”.
● Establish training facilities and training course
● Establish national publications and handbooks
● Establish a trinaing program
● Train crews on Joint and Combined operations
● Establish weapons delivery TTPs
● Establish TTPS for CAS operations

Combat helicopter training: AH 64 type

SAAREM Instructors will assist partner frontline units in reviewing and establishing highly efficient tactics techniques and procedures (TTPs) adapted to THEIR weapon systems. Our team of instructors have a wide experince in integrating a new capability base on laser guided missiles.
● Provide dedicated training to combat helicopter units to maximize CAS and CCA integration and employment to become efficient CAS assets
● CCA operational and tactical planning
● CCA related weaponeering and targeting courses, as system management  
● CCA assets coordination (understanding, merging and optimizing capabilities)
● Help to review and establish efficient Non-Kinetic and Kinetic data cards


Our instructors staff

Team of Handpicked veterans of Joint Special Operations specialties. Our instructors combine extensive knowledge and experience of at least two of the following: 

1. Fighter Pilots – CAS Experts and FAC(A)s
3. Drone Operators
4. Attack Helicopter Pilots
5. Special Missions (PR/CSAR-PJ-SOF) Helicopter Pilots

  • Instructor 1: Fighter pilot/instructor Eurofighter, JTAC instructor. Deployment experience
  • Instructor 2: Fighter pilot/instructor Mir 2000, F18, M346, Drone Systems operator specialist. CAS Combat experience , deployed 6 times in Afghanistan, Africa and Lithuania
  • Instructor 3: fighter pilot on Mir 2000, SEM, Rafale marine and air (CEAM), instructor JTAC. Qualified, engaged in support of ground troops 70 times (Afghanistan, Libya, Syria)
  • Instructor 4: Army JTAC, JTAC instructor, Air space manager and qualified tactical drone tactical drone pilot, deployed 6 times
  • Instructor 5: Attack Helicopter pilot, deployed 3 times in Sahara.
  • Instructor 6: Tiger Helicopter pilot within Special Forces unit, deployed 6 times in several region. He helped to the AGN114 integrated on the TIGER HAD. 
  • Instructor 7: Helo pilot, SOF/SAO specialist, PR/CSAR specialist, JTAC-I. Combat experience (Helo 2x Afgh) JTAC (1 x Irak).
  • Instructor 8: Air Force SOF team leader, JTAC instructor (2 tours Irak as SOF JTAC) , PJ, SERE specialist.
  • Instructor 9: Naval Special Warfare Operator (SOF), team leader, SAO specialist, drone operator. Combat experience (Somalia, Irak)

AI cameras' supervision system

Our complete video content analysis software solution with artificial intelligence algorithms allows the detection, protection and investigation based on any video stream.

It has been designed to collect and aggregate results from multiple geographic locations on a single screen to make the most relevant and informed decisions.

Easy integration with any kind of camera and drones.

Command & Control center

Operating system that improves and accelerates decisions for operators across roles and all domains. Our top-tier technologies allows you to:
  • Perform massive integration of information from multiple heterogeneous sources
  • Apply the most advanced access control system based on ABAC right-to-know module
  • Conduct analysis in real-time to enable informed decision making

Cybersecurity platform

A unique solution for securing your Internet access and browsing based on a high-performance network infrastructure.

  1. Anonymization: User data cannot be tracked - We remove IP addresses from packets.
  2. Encryption: Data is secure and unrecognizable - Packets are fragmented (randomly generated and secretly shared bytes)
  3. Invisibility: Unable to recognize one data packet from another.
  4. Transport: End-to-end path and attack surface are hidden - Paths are created anonymously (automatically or by the user)
  5. Data return: Data has been delivered while being invisible from end to end - Data is identified and recognized

Why us

We accompany you to be SELF SUFFICIENT

It’s not only about what we train you in. It’s about HOW we do it and how equipped you are.

Our training syllabi and methods ensure that SAAREM trains its partner forces to become critical thinkers of Standardized SOPs and TTPs that we initially provide, in order to maximize flexibilization and modification when new needs arise in which they have to act for themselves.

We don’t give them a course, we teach them how to modify and improve it!

Also, how state-of-art equipments gears will ensure your efficiency on field.

Up to date knowledge 

NATO and US doctrine trained. Our Staff is either active or in contact with active personnel in their current expertise, thus up to date in the latest modus operandi of NATO and US tactics.

Highly experienced, Combat proven, Lessons learned 

Each team member has a highly developed and specific set of skills and knowledge that are unique on the market.

Multi-SME (subject matter experts) 

All our team members have several expertise combined, which help them be even more experts in their respective main specialty (pilot/JTAC/drone/SOF).

International Crew

Knowledge and training methods comes from several distinct sources. We pick the best from each and standardizes it into a deliverable package for the customer.


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